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Steelhead trout season is around the corner. I am ready are you? Here are a few tips i find helpful

When you’re casting it’s important to make sure you cover the entire area you’re in before you even think of moving. Start off by casting a short distance and increase that distance by 1 to 3 feet as you go along. Wait until you locate a seam of steelheads that start biting and continue to hit that area while it produces pressure

 Steelheads are known to lie behind large rocks and in rock gardens. This is a great area to apply pressure to see if you can coax a steelhead to bite.

Several type of techniques are very effective for catching steelheads. They include: drift fishing, float fishing, fly fishing, spoon fishing and spinner fishing. Do some research on these different methods and see which one(s) might be right for you.

when in doubt Break out the Eggs......Steelhead consider fish egg sacs to be delicacies and during spawning periods they will be honing in on this tasty meal. While this is a basic live bait method it can be very successful in certain locations and at the right time of year. The best part is if you live near an area where they spawn you can get free fish eggs! Just simply harvest, rinse off with water, let them dry for 10 minutes, place in the freezer and only remove them 24 hours before your fishing trip.

    Welcome to Gone Fishin' bait and tackle. We offer custom ordering, new and used tackle, live bait, licenses and more all you have to do is ask.We love our community and try to help in anyway we can. 
Gone Fishin bait and tackle opened in 2009 and each year we've grown bigger.We are open year round with summer hours and winter hours. If you have any questions we can always help weather it be a hook tying lesson or how to properly fillet a fish we can help. Steve and I have a deep love and passion for fishing the cuyahoga river and surrounding Northeast Ohio lakes/rivers. We have been blessed to meet lots of local fisherman and have established many relationships with our customers and consider them friends as well as apart of our family here.We want to Thank all of our supporter's because if not for you we would not have been able to thrive.  
Below is a photo of Steve and a rainbow trout he caught at Hudson Springs. 
here is a photo northern pike. The Cuyahoga river is full of them they naturally spawn in the 
cuyahoga river  (aka crooked river)
Below is a photo of George one of our most avid pike fisherman he knows his stuff and he's a great joke teller too. This northern pike was caught using golden shiners 
Below is a picture of  my fishin buddy he loves popcorn and almost never makes a sound he's patient too. his name is duke well at least that is what i call him